From the Desk of the Principal: April Newsletter

04-01-2019NewsletterMrs. Kimberly Stevenson

Very soon the holiest week of the year will be upon us. The important truth to remember is that Jesus is the Son of God who became human, for all of us. He suffered and died for everyone, even for those who betrayed or deserted him. Jesus has infinite love for all of us and we must remember we are always in the presence of God. Our spiritual lives may fluctuate. Sometimes we play the role of Judas, sometimes the role of the unsuspecting and uncomprehending disciple, sometimes the faithful follower. One thing does not change, though: God’s love for us. I’m so grateful that we have a God who loves us, forgives us, and understands the struggles we face in our lives. We are reminded, particularly during this Lenten and Easter season, that like us, Jesus struggled in his time on the earth but he found and provided for us ultimate redemption through his death on the cross. That is something to celebrate!

Catholic Easter Prayer: Lord, the resurrection of Your Son has given us new life and renewed hope. Help us to live as new people in pursuit of the Christian ideal. Grant us wisdom to know what we must do, the will to want to do it, the courage to undertake it, the perseverance to continue to do it, and the strength to complete it.

Dearest HTS Families,

I wish you peace, love and happiness at Easter and always. Enjoy time with your loved ones and friends as you celebrate the Risen Christ!

Spring has finally arrived! It’s hard to believe that we are about to begin the last 9-weeks of the school year. The beginning of a new grading period is the perfect time to set new goals This is a very busy time of the year and it will go by quickly, so please help your child or children stay focused on learning for the remainder of the school year.

As we enter the final stretch, we welcome the warm weather, blooming flowers, and songs of birds. We also look forward to being able to go back outside for recess daily. As the season changes so does our dress code. The students may wear navy shorts and skorts beginning on April 1st. Please refer to the Parent Student Handbook for additional information. This option is not permitted on mass days. I ask that you dress your children appropriately according to the weather forecast since they will be going outside, and the weather may still be cold. We have many exciting events planned for the remaining months of school.

Calendar Changes: Due to the week of snow days we had this winter several changes must be made to the school calendar. We will have school on April 22nd and 23rd. The End of the Year Program will be held on Friday, May 24th at 10:00am. The last day of school is now June 10th.School will be dismissed 11:45am. The graduation mass and ceremony will be on June 4th at 6:30pm in the church. Kindergarten will graduate on Thursday, June 6th at 9:00am.   

Middle States Team Visit Results: I am very excited to share the news that Holy Trinity Catholic School has been recommended for Accreditation. The Team was very impressed with all aspects of the school. The summary report was presented to the school staff, teachers, and stakeholders on March 8th. The school receives a stellar report. They were impressed with our test scores, the friendly environment and the number of extracurricular activities available to our students. The final report has been submitted and will now go through the following steps: Staff analysis and recommendation, Review and recommendation by the Domestic Schools Advisory Committee, Review and Recommendation by the Membership and Accreditation Committee, Final Decision by the full Commission and Official Notification of Accreditation in the fall of 2019. See the attached Summary and Closure Points from the report.

Congratulations to our 8th grade students who received the gifts of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation on Thursday, March 14th at St Malachy Parish. The sacrament was administrated by Bishop Zubik, Sierra Abbott, Stephen Baker, Lily Barbisch, Kara Bridge, Isabella Cardimen, Collin Cimino, Damian Davila, Gianni Domenico, Vincent Frank, William Fryer, James Gaffney, Samuel Gaffney, Tyler Gaffney, Hunter Gorsuch, Arrianna Hagan, Morgan Hagan, Marco Iacchetti, Christopher Ireland, Kyle Janas, Natalie Krulac, Joseph Leininger, Karolina Lucas, Corinne Ludwick, Melaina Merlo, Luca Michnowicz, Katherine Mickle, Daniel Miller, Evelyn Minzer, Clare Mulvay, Olivia Mulvay, Caiden Ohrn, Lorin Planinsic, Nathaniel Schmid, Isabelle Seibel, Sage Sonnett, Amanda Strub, Allison Weaver, Olivia Wegrzynowicz, Victoria Wegrzynowicz, and Alexis Zurbola     

Blessings on our 2nd graders who received their 1st reconciliation on Saturday, March 16th. Athena Ameredes, Peter Baker, Luke Blatt, Sophia Colosimo, Ashlyn Curry, Derek Daniel, David DelFiandra, Ava DePace, Landon Don, Thomas Einloth, Elin Gabor, Erin Gayliardi, Chase Getz, Adrian Jerabek, Lauralei Kroniser, Noah Latouf, Samantha Loehlein,    Isabella Madden, Connor Males, Tyler Mars, Maeve McGarvey, Vivian Miller, Mia Molinaro, Aric Rigler, Nathan Sawayda,  Isabella Sedei, Marco Sidhom, Alexandra Sipusic, Kaylee Tamburino, Zachary Teramana, Kerrigan Wallover, Maeve Winterhalter.

Archangel Gabriel School New Faces- New Friends: Providing opportunities for the Holy Trinity and St. Malachly School families to come together is a very important step in uniting the 2 schools into a new school, Archangel Gabriel. Over the last few weeks we have worked to offer opportunities for you. The schools came together and prayed the rosary, had an ice cream social, provided tours and set up visitation days for the students. Last week, preschool parents had the opportunity to visit the St. Malachy site which will house the preschool. These events have been positive and have provided families with a chance prepare for next year.

It is extremely important to keep Catholic education accessible to our children in a school that maintains a large enrollment, provides high expectations for the spiritual and academic development and opportunities outside of the classroom. We must find peace in the decision which has been made and move ahead with an open mind and heart. There are no longer 2 school communities but one and we must work together to ensure the success of Archangel Gabriel School.

Holy Trinity Goal Tracker: As you know the Goal Tracker is an online website that is available for you to check both volunteer and fundraising assessments. Please check your third 9-week statement. You will have 2 weeks after the report cards are issued to notify the chairperson if your information is incorrect. No changes will be made after April 24th. The website address is  All questions should be directed to the chairperson of the event or fundraiser. Here is a list of chairpersons for the 3rd nine-week events and fundraisers.

Volunteer Hours Chairperson Email
Recess Ronelle Boburka
Cafeteria Char Osso
SCRIP Amiee Bodek
Cash Bash Robert Bressler
Sarris Easter Tammy Ohrn
Catholic Schools Week Michelle Roun
Father Daughter Dance Denise Seibel
STEAM Night Mrs. Stevenson
Forensics Darci Smith
Fundraisers Chairperson Email
Sarris Easter Tammy Ohrn
SCRIP Amiee Bodek
Super Bowl Pool Kristin Thomas

Cash Bash

Robert Bressler

Service Hours: Service hours are due to your child’s homeroom teacher by May 1st. Failure to complete service hours will affect your child’s religion grade for the last 9 weeks. All students in grades 6th - 8th at Holy Trinity School are required to do community service. The requirements are as follows; 6th grade 5 hours, 7th grade 10 hours, and 8th grade 30 hours: 15 for school and 15 for Confirmation. The members of the Beaver Regional Honor League have until May 2nd to complete the 15 hours required for this program.

Cash Bash: The Cash Bash returned to HTS in February. Bob and Dawn Bressler chaired this event. The night was a great success. I want to thank the Bressler family and everyone who helped in anyway with this event. Check out the fundraising sheet for the profit in a few weeks.

Steeler and Superbowl Pools: I want to thank the Dave and Kristen Thomas for all the work they do creating and managing the Steeler and Superbowl Pool. They have chaired this event for many years and always do such a great job.

Our Amazing Kids

Isabella Cardimen participated in District 1 Jr. High Honors Chorus which was open to all of District 1 schools grades 7-9. They applied and a committee selected her for the chorus.

6th grader Angelina Osso and 5th grader Marin Reinhardt participated in District 1 Elementary SingFest at Quaker Valley Middle School. Out of 6 applicants from Holy Trinity they were chosen by a committee to participate in this event.

Josie Einloth and Ava Tournay both 6th grader participated in the South District Honors Band on Saturday, March 23rd. Both girls auditioned and were selected for the District band. Great Job Ladies!

WWII Posters: As part of their Social Studies unit on World War II, the 8th grade students created their own war propaganda posters. Students could choose whatever slogan was popular during that timeframe in U.S. history and mimic their own version of the poster. This cross-curricular activity was coordinated with the Literature class and coincided with the reading of the novel Bomb by Steve Sheinkin. The Social Studies teacher chose the winning posters.

Read Across America Day was celebrated on March 1 in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. As part of their participation, Holy Trinity’s 1st graders made hats similar in style to those worn by the well-known Dr. Seuss character, The Cat in the Hat. Students chose their favorite Dr. Seuss story to read. Activities will continue throughout the month culminating with the students dressing in costume as their favorite character.

Holy Trinity School’s 4th and 5th grade students participated in the STEM Design Challenge sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and ThermoFisher Scientific on March 6 at Duquesne University. Teams of up to four students were given a challenge to design and build structures out of K’Nex that could move an item six inches. Each team had to move three items during the competition. Three Holy Trinity teams entered the competition-Baking Not Taking, Crazy Cleanup Crew, and Fluttering Flowers Greenhouse. The Crazy Cleanup Crew team comprised of M.J. Martella, Alex Smith, Christian Williams, and Colton Yonker took 3rd place in the competition. Their project simulated a recycling scenario and consisted of a gripping device, conveyer belt, and truck all composed out of K’Nex pieces and motors. The claw, or gripping device, was designed to sort recyclables, the conveyer moved the recyclable items to a “truck” which then moved the items to the recycling facility. Students had to bring the unassembled pieces to the competition and rebuild the structures using their blueprint. They then presented the working design to the judges along with a tri-fold display that detailed their design. Holy Trinity students Elise Hornyak, Helene Ludwick, Sophia Saginaw, and Zoe Woessner made up the Baking Not Taking team. Lindsay Bressler, Jordan Jones, Marco Sidhom, and Jack Turina created the Fluttering Flowers Greenhouse team. We have some very creative students at HTS!

Forensics: Holy Trinity School has finished 2018-2019 Forensics season with success! Holy Trinity hosted a Forensics Tournament on February 23rd. This third regular season meet for the Southwestern PA Forensics League had two rounds of competition. Fifteen schools competed and Holy Trinity School tied for 2nd place accumulating points for 14-1st place, 11-2nd place, and 3-3rd place awards. Melaina Merlo (poetry), Olivia Mulvay (declamation), Evie Minzer (declamation), and Angelina Osso (drama) each received two 1st place ribbons. Victoria Wegrzynowicz (poetry), Karolina Lucas (poetry), Gianna Kennelly (prose), Allison Weaver (drama), Bianca Golomb (drama) and Luke Baker, Dominic Bodek, Anthony D’Orazio, Julian Myron and Aaron Williams (multiple reading) earned one 1st place ribbon.

Points earned from all three meets held during the year were tallied, and each school sent their top 10 to the March 9th Finals competition at Butler Catholic Elementary School. Only one round of competition is held during the Finals. 1st place ribbons were awarded to Bianca Golomb (drama), Melaina Merlo (poetry), and Olivia Mulvay (declamation). Evie Minzer (declamation), Clare Mulvay (prose), Angelina Osso (drama),  Allison Weaver (drama), Olivia Wegrzynowicz (drama), Victoria Wegrzynowicz (poetry), and Luke Baker, Dominic Bodek, Anthony D’Orazio, Julian Myron,and Aaron Williams (multiple reading) received 2nd place awards. Holy Trinity placed 3rd out of 23 schools for the overall 2018-2019 school year.

The JV boys’ (blue) basketball team and the boys’ Varsity (white) teams had strong endings to their seasons. The JV Blue boys won the St. Anne’s JV tournament beating the home school in the championship game. Team members: Christian Williams, Henry Barbisch, Tommy Butts, Luke Miller, Owen Minzer, and John Haseleu. Not pictured is James Baker.

The Varsity Boys’ White team competed in the Diocesan AB playoffs and finished as runner-up to St. Kilian’s team. Team members: Collin Cimino, Billy Fryer, Joey Cicchino, Aaron Williams, Luke Baker, Julian Myron, Deven Kumar, Michael Smith, Jimmy Gaffney.

The 4th grade basketball team consisting of three 4th graders and nine 3rd graders recently completed a very successful season. Competing in the South A section the Tigers had an overall 10 – 10 – 1. In the season finale the 3rd graders went into a third overtime before being named co-champs of the Sts Peter & Paul tournament. Each player was awarded an additional medal for winning the free throw competition. Way to go girls!

Team members included 4th graders Jordan Jones, Sydney Ligashesky, and Sydney Loehlein, 3rd graders Anna Cicchino, Gina Cicchino, Eva Crofford, Scarlet McGovern, Mia Pessy, Catherine Schmidt, Bella Walsh, Brooklyn Young, and Julia Zottola. Thanks Coach Walsh for sharing your love of the sport with our girls.

Our Varsity soccer team took first place at the St James indoor tournament on Sunday, March 17th. Great Job HTS Varsity Soccer Team!