1st Grade Butterflies

04-25-2019School Happenings

1st Grade studied the life cycle of the butterfly. The activity was planned to coincide with the season of Lent so that students could make a connection to Jesus’ new life following His Resurrection. The class learned about the stages and development during the caterpillar’s transformation while waiting for each butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis. The butterflies were then released just before Easter!


Resurrection Eggs

04-24-2019School Happenings

Kindergarten students assembled Resurrection Eggs by placing small items in plastic eggs that represented the events that took place on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and ultimately Jesus’ resurrection on Easter.

Seder Meal

04-17-2019School Happenings

HTS students participated in the annual Seder meal.

Visit to Covestro’s Research and Development Facilities

04-17-2019School Happenings

The 8th grade had the opportunity to visit Covestro’s Research and Development facilities in Robinson to see first-hand how scientists create the products we use. Students also participated in a panel discussion with several employees who work in various groups within Covestro.


Students chosen to participate in District 1 Elementary SingFest

04-03-2019School Happenings

6th grader Angelina Osso and 5th grader Marin Reinhardt participated in District 1 Elementary SingFest at Quaker Valley Middle School. Out of 6 applicants from Holy Trinity they were chosen by a committee to participate in this event.

District 1 Jr. High Chorus participant

04-02-2019School Happenings

Isabella participated in District 1 Jr. High Honors Chorus which was open to all of District 1 schools grades 7-9.



04-01-2019School Happenings

Holy Trinity School is finishing out the 2018-2019 Forensics season with success!


STEM Design Challenge

04-01-2019School Happenings

Holy Trinity School’s 4th and 5th grade students participated in the STEM Design Challenge sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and ThermoFisher Scientific on March 6 at Duquesne University. The Crazy Cleanup Crew team comprised of M.J. Martella, Alex Smith, Christian Williams, and Colton Yonker took 3rd place in the competition.


From the Desk of the Principal: April Newsletter

04-01-2019NewsletterMrs. Kimberly Stevenson

Very soon the holiest week of the year will be upon us. The important truth to remember is that Jesus is the Son of God who became human, for all of us. He suffered and died for everyone, even for those who betrayed or deserted him. Jesus has infinite love for all of us and we must remember we are always in the presence of God. Our spiritual lives may fluctuate. Sometimes we play the role of Judas, sometimes the role of the unsuspecting and uncomprehending disciple, sometimes the faithful follower. One thing does not change, though: God’s love for us. I’m so grateful that we have a God who loves us, forgives us, and understands the struggles we face in our lives. We are reminded, particularly during this Lenten and Easter season, that like us, Jesus struggled in his time on the earth but he found and provided for us ultimate redemption through his death on the cross. That is something to celebrate!

Catholic Easter Prayer: Lord, the resurrection of Your Son has given us new life and renewed hope. Help us to live as new people in pursuit of the Christian ideal. Grant us wisdom to know what we must do, the will to want to do it, the courage to undertake it, the perseverance to continue to do it, and the strength to complete it.

Dearest HTS Families,

I wish you peace, love and happiness at Easter and always. Enjoy time with your loved ones and friends as you celebrate the Risen Christ!

Spring has finally arrived! It’s hard to believe that we are about to begin the last 9-weeks of the school year. The beginning of a new grading period is the perfect time to set new goals This is a very busy time of the year and it will go by quickly, so please help your child or children stay focused on learning for the remainder of the school year.


St James Indoor Spring Kickoff Tournament

04-01-2019School Happenings

Congrats to our 3rd grade team, JV and Vasity Soccer teams.


Music Class in Action

04-01-2019School Happenings

Congrats JV Boys Basketball

04-01-2019School Happenings

The JV Blue boys won the St. Anne’s JV tournament beating the home school in the championship game.

8th Grade's WWII Posters

04-01-2019School Happenings

As part of their Social Studies unit on World War II, the 8th grade students at Holy Trinity School created their own war propaganda posters. Students could choose whatever slogan was popular during that time-frame in U.S. history and mimic their own version of the poster.

April PTG Happenings

04-01-2019PTG Happenings

Bunny Bingo is being held April 7 in the school cafeteria. All ages are welcome! More information will be coming soon. To help please contact Kristin Thomas at kmehno2002@yahoo.com. Bunny Bingo needs Chinese Auction Baskets contact Kristen Thomas or bring to school office.

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming May 6-10.

Muffins with Mom is Fri, May 10! Please mark your calendars.