From the Desk of the Principal: November Newsletter

11-01-2018NewsletterMrs. Kimberly Stevenson

The upcoming holiday Thanksgiving, focuses on family and gratitude. We have so much to be grateful for at Holy Trinity Catholic School.

We have a wonderful, caring staff and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to work with all of them and I know your children are receiving an excellent education.

We have supportive and dedicated parents and organizations such as the Athletic Association, PTG, and School Advisory Council which provide for the school and the students in many ways making HTS an outstanding school.

Finally we have our most valuable gift, our amazing children, who challenge themselves every day to learn and become more like Christ. They are the reason we are here. As I look forward to Thanksgiving, I count all of you, our families and staff, among the best of my blessings.

Kimberly Stevenson

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Father in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks. 

Thank you for all the graces and blessings You have bestowed upon us: spiritual and temporal, our faith and religious heritage, our food and shelter, our health, the love we have for one another, and our family and friends. 

Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessing throughout the coming year.

All Saints Day: As we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st and All Souls Day on November 2nd, let us treasure the wonderful example given to us by all the saints, family members and friends who have gone before us and who now enjoy the fullness of God’s love.

Welcome To Our New Clergy: HTS would like to extend a warm welcome to Fr. Dave Poecking, Fr. Alan Morris, Fr. Robert Zajdel, and Fr. Michael Ruffalo.  May you be blessed as your begin your new journey of Spiritual leadership at Holy Trinity.

Parent - Teacher Conferences:  Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday, November 6th from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM for Preschool Full Day thru 8th grade.  This year parents will need to register online for conference times.  Please use this link: to sign up.  If you have multiple children do not sign up for back to back appointments because you will need time to travel. The conference is mandatory for all parents. The teachers will discuss the Iowa test results with you as well as address any other concerns. Each conference will last for 10 minutes.  It is extremely important for the teachers to remain on schedule so waiting parents are not inconvenienced. If you feel you need additional conference time please contact the teacher via email.

Beginning on Thursday, October 25th parents may register for an appointment. Parents with more than one child are encouraged to register ASAP in order to get appointment times close together. If you are unable to attend the conference due to work related issues, you need to contact the teacher to schedule an alternate day to meet or you may set up a phone conference.  Your child’s report card will not be sent home until you have spoken with the teacher in grades1-5.

Middle School Parents:  Middle School parents, please use your children’s grades on Option C to determine which other teacher beside the homeroom teachers you would like to see. You may email the additional teacher you would like to speak to schedule your conferences.

Holy Trinity Goal Tracker:  As you know the Goal Tracker is an online website that is available for you to check both volunteer and fundraising assessments.  You received a password and a user id at the beginning of the school year. You will need to change your password upon entering this site.  Please write it down because once it is changed I will not have access to the new password.  This information will allow you to see a detailed report of your assessments. You must check your quarterly statements. You will have 2 weeks after the report cards are issued to notify the chairperson if your information is incorrect. No changes will be made after November 21st.  The website address is 

All questions should be directed to the chairperson of the event or fundraiser.  Here is a list of chairpersons for the 1st nine week events and fundraisers.  Please use the School Directory for additional contact information.

Volunteer Hours Chairperson Email
Recess Ronelle Boburka
Cafeteria Char Osso


Aimee Bodek


Heather Walsh

Summer League

Heather Walsh

Welcome Back Picnic

Mandi Kumar



Car Raffle

Jessica Luchini


Sharon Saginaw
Fundraisers Chairperson Email
Football Pool Kristen Thomas
Magazine Rebecca Mulvay
SCRIP Aimee Bodek
Car Raffle Jessica Sellman

Thank You:  I would like to thank Charlie and Stephanie Baker for chairing the HTS Tiger Trot 5K.  The new venue and the Tiger Scamper 50 yard dash created new excitement.  The weather may have not been ideal but everyone had a great time.  Thanks also for volunteering to chair this event again next year.  I can’t wait to see what else you have planned for the 5K.

Iowa Assessments: The Iowa Assessments are achievement tests that assess students’ Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies skills.  The test results are in and over the next several weeks we will be analyzing this data.  The data management system for the assessment has many reports which can be customized for each class, grade levels and the entire school.

Results from this assessment will be used to drive instruction and improve students’ learning. Achievement tests help identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. The principal and the teachers will use this information to monitor students’ growth, provide instructional grouping data and improve instruction. This data will allow us to make judgements on past and future instructional strategies and be used for placement decisions.

The teachers have been in serviced in order to understand and explain the results to the parents.  I believe you will find the Student Narrative and the Student Profile reports very informative and easy to understand. A school summary report will be provided to you in the December Principal’s Page.

Food Drive: Our school will be collecting nonperishable food items for our St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank during the week of November 12th -16th.  We are asking each class to send in specific items to provide the food bank with a wide variety of nonperishable goods. Your generosity for those in need is greatly appreciated.

The students will present their food items before mass on Friday, November 16th.  See the table for the items we are asking for from each grade.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Grade Needed Items
Preschool and Kindergarten:

Canned Goods: vegetables, tuna, chicken, sausage, soup

1st ,2nd and 3rd Grade

Boxed Items: Non sugar cereal, rice, potatoes, cake mix, spaghetti, pancake mix, bread crumbs 

4th, and 5th, and 6th Grade

Paper Products and Cleaning Items: tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, plastic wrap, foil, Clorox wipes, laundry detergent, dish detergent

7th and 8th Grade

Condiments: Ketchup, sauce, pickles, relish, mayo, mustard

Dress Code Changes: Please make note of the changes in the uniform policy in the Parent Handbook.  The changes are effective beginning November 1st.  Navy shorts are no longer permitted to be worn. Only the school plaid uniforms and navy pants are permitted for the girls with blue knee socks.  Boys are only permitted to wear navy pants and a polo or oxford shirt.   The mass day uniform remains the same.   Please remember we go outside if the temperature is above 32 degrees.  Be sure that your child has on a coat suitable for winter temperatures.

Fundraising Summary:  The fundraising summary for the 1st nine week period will be web blasted in the next few weeks.  Please review the information on this financial report.  You will notice our fundraising assessment for the 2018 -2019 school year has been lowered due to the success of last year’s fundraising efforts. The fundraising committee will be assessing the fundraisers to see which ones can be omitted next year.

Weather Closing and Delays If inclement weather or some other emergency requires that the school be delayed, closed, or dismissed early, you will receive a phone call from The School Messenger automated call system. This information will also be announced on the KDKA television station also.  Remember to look for Holy Trinity School Robinson on the news station.  Our Morning Care Program will be available on 2 hours delays for the cost of $7.00 or 1 hour, $11.00 for 2 hours and $14.00 for 3 hours for any parents needing this service. 

Important Extended Day Information: We are having some issues with parents understanding and following the procedures.  Please read this carefully because as of November 1st all procedures must be followed to be compliant with the Department of Human Services regulations. I realize there have been many changes to the Extended Day program this year but it has been 2 months and we must be compliant.  There are mandated visits from the state and if we are not compliant we could lose our Child Care license. Your cooperation on the procedures is greatly appreciated.  

  1.  Before you can use the services you must complete the registration form, the Child Health Report form and pay the registration fee. 
  2. Due to the limited number of spots available, if your account becomes delinquent you will not be permitted to use the service.
  3. If you sign up for a spot and your children does not show up for the service you will be charged.

Finally, if the first timeslot from 3:00 – 4:00 is full, you cannot sign up for the 4:00 – 5:00 slot and send your kids at 3:00.  This is causing us to exceed the maximum number of students allowed.  If your child is going to a club for the first hour, then up for the later time slots.

Transportation Changes: If you need to make a change to your child’s afternoon transportation, please be sure to contact our office prior to 1:00pm to give us adequate time to notify your child’s teacher. The teachers will receive an email notifying them of any changes. The end of the day has the tendency to become very busy so your cooperation and assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Jackets & Lunch Boxes: Please make sure your child’s jackets and lunch boxes are labeled with his or her name. This is the time of year when students have the tendency to forget these items at school. We need your help in making sure that jackets and lunch boxes can be returned to their owners.

Holy Trinity Catholic School Auction: There is still time to purchase Auction Tickets and Non Attending Auction tickets for the Auction on Friday, November 2nd. The Non Attending ticket allows you to bid on items in SILENT Auction items only and is just $20.00.  Many of the classroom projects, teacher events as well as sports tickets, dinner packages, and many other items are available for you to bid on. Be sure to read the enclosed information for teacher events and see pictures of the classroom projects. Please return the Non Attending order form with payment to Pam Paluso c/o Natalie 6A by Thursday, November 1, 2018. Checks should be made payable to: Holy Trinity School Auction. Don’t forget to register your credit card online on the Auction website prior to the Auction Your participation will help ensure another successful Auction fundraiser.  

Book Fair: The Scholastic Book Fair will be held the week of November 2th - 9th from 8:30am to 2:15pm. This is a great opportunity to stock up on books for the winter and also to do some holiday shopping. We desperately need volunteers to help the children shop.  Please contact Tammy Ohrn to sign up to volunteer. Her email is

Student Council: I would like to introduce and congratulate the HTS Student Council for 2018 – 2019 school year.  I look forward to working with our student government this year. The officers are: President Kate Mickle, Vice-President, Evie Minzer, Public Relations Lily Barbisch, Treasurer Alan Betten and Recording Secretary Victoria Wegrzynowicz

The Homeroom Representatives are: 8B Billy Fryer & Vincent Frank, 7A  Bianca Golomb & Michael Smith, 7B Aaron Williams & McKinley Walsh,  6A  Matthew Mickle & Corinna Martella, 6B  Harold Tarr &  Gianna Kennelly, 5A  Max Gabor  & Lydia Wegrzynowicz,  and 5B Colton Yonker & Elise Hornyak

Popsicle Bridge Lesson: 4th grade students completed the "Popsicle Bridge" lesson exploring how engineering has impacted the development of bridges over time. Students worked in teams of "engineers" to design and build their own bridge out of glue and no more than 200 popsicle sticks. Bridges had to be 14 inches and be able to hold a five pound weight and then a 20 pound weight. Students were encouraged to be frugal, and use the fewest number of popsicle sticks while still achieving their goals.

Students prepared for the lesson by planning as engineers do– while bridges are designed to withstand weight, bridges must also be durable, and in some cases, aesthetically pleasing. Students learned about the six main types of bridges and then watched a video discussing the Bridges in Pittsburgh.  They also had to consider innovative designs to meet the challenge of creating bridges that could become landmarks for a city. Following the design and build phases, students will test their bridges using weights, evaluate the effectiveness of their own bridge designs in comparison to those of the teams in their class, and present their findings.

Fire Safety Month: City of Pittsburgh Firefighter Jake Schnelbach visited 1st grade as part of Fire Safety Month.  Mr. Schnelbach has been a firefighter at Station 4 for the past three years. He presented fire safety rules and explained the gear he uses to fight fires.  He wanted to make sure the students were comfortable seeing a fireman dressed in full safety gear, so that they would not be afraid if they ever had to have a firefighter help them in their homes.  He emphasized that firefighters are there to help. The students received fire safety coloring books and "Junior Firefighter Badges." 

Mr. Schnelbach attended Holy Trinity School from Kindergarten through 8th grade, graduating in 2008. His aunt, Eleanor Brown, taught at HTS for over 35 years.  We are honored to have him visit! 

Our Preschool students also learned about fire safety through visits from the Moon Run Fire Department.  The Preschoolers had the chance to talk to the firefighters, climb through a real fire truck, squirt a fire hose, and pet the service Fire dog!  The firefighters wore their equipment and also brought an ambulance for the children to see.

Section Championship/South Hills Invitational: The Holy Trinity Cross Country teams competed in the Section Championship/South Hills Invitational at Youthtowne on September 28 with 12 other teams from the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The JV Girls team placed 2nd overall and the JV Boys finished 3rd!  Individual medals were given to those who placed in the top 20.  HTS medalists included James Baker, Luke Baker, Mia Crofford, Elise Hornyak, Joelle Ludwick, Owen Minzer, Sophia Saginaw, and Christian Williams. 

Bill Lennox Cross-Country Invitational: The teams also competed successfully in the Bill Lennox Cross-Country Invitational hosted by Slippery Rock University at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds on October 6th.  The Girls JV team placed 2nd out of 15 teams with individual medals for Mia Crofford (11th), Sophia Saginaw (12th), and Joelle Ludwick (16th.)  The JV Boys’ team also had individual medalists with Christian Williams placing 14th, James Baker placing 15th, Henry Barbisch placing 18th, and Owen Minzer placing 19th.  The JV boy’s team finished 5th overall out of 13 teams. 

8th Grade Recognition: The 8th grade team members of the Cross Country team were honored during a recognition ceremony at the last home meet of the season.   Holy Trinity hosted Our Lady of Fatima, St. Bernard, St. Margaret, St. Patrick, Sts. Peter and Paul, and St. Philip.  Despite the rain and muddy running conditions, the teams competed well with the JV girls, Varsity Girls, and Varsity Boys placing 1st and the JV boys placing 2nd.  8th grade members of the team include   (L-R) Karolina Lucas, Kate Mickle, Corinne Ludwick, Chris Ireland, Collin Cimino, Alan Betten, Evie Minzer and Natalie Krulac.